DNA based species detection 

We offer systematic inventories and monitoring of ecological key and commercial species in both marine and freshwater environments based on environmental DNA (eDNA). This new technique allows detection of endangered, alien, or invasive species in ports, lakes, fjords, and rivers. We have developed species-specific protocols for important species and habitats that enable highly effective assessments over large areas. 

Testing ballast water treatment systems  

Currently there are few technical standards that ship owners have to comply to when installing ballast water treatment systems. The performance and durability of different installations can vary tremendously and should be optimised based on the individual operation profile of the ship. We have many years of experience with testing various ballast water treatment systems under different operational conditions and developed test protocols for increasing the efficacy of treatment systems. We offer trial tests and performance assessments as well as consultancy on ballast water treatment systems.  

Seafloor monitoring 

We offer biological monitoring with Autonomous Reef Monitoring Systems associated with DNA analysis of biological communities. This technique has been developed specifically for use in biological monitoring of hard bottom sea floors and we can offer both equipment and protocols for monitoring specific areas (e.g. ports, protected areas) with high spatio-temporal resolution. 

Ecological risk analyses 

We also offer analyses and consultancy about distributions and impacts of invasive or other ecological key species at local and regional scale, based on ecological modelling. For this purpose we developed protocols for automated access to large number of ecological and environmental data repositories, which can be used to model and predict species distributions under various climatic or management scenarios.  

Expert assessments and evaluations 

We offer professional evaluation and analysis of projects, and literature compilations for decision-making in companies and authorities.