Environmental DNA analyses

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Environmental DNA (eDNA) is genetic material given off by organisms into their environment in the form of skin cells, mucus, excretion, hair etc. These particles concentrate in the environment over time and can be collected via filtration. Subsequent DNA extraction and sequencing allows detection of endangered, alien or invasive in both marine and freshwater environments. We offer both broad biodiversity assessments and specific species surveilance and monitoring.


Biodiversity inventories

Through the use of universal primers targeting large animal groups we are able to analyse species diversity from a single sample. This enables efficient systematic inventories by reducing the need for extensive fieldwork and streamlining the DNA analysis in the lab. 


Species surveillance and monitoring

We have developed species-specific protocols for important species and habitats that enable highly effective assessments over large areas. The high sensitivity of this method can detect even trace amounts of DNA allowing for accurate detection of even rare species.