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Ballast water testing and port surveys

Ballast water res

Nonindigenous species (NIS) are introduced worldwide with the help of ballast water. To prevent further introductions, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued the convention for the control and management of ships ́ ballast water and sediments (BMWC 2004). This convention entered into force in 2017 and requires all ships in international traffic to install facilities for the management of ballast water to prevent further spread of harmful aquatic organisms. Such facilities are often water treatment systems, which sterilize the ballast water. However, the performance, durability and efficacy of various treatment systems under operational conditions are difficult to assess by shipping companies.

Our genetic services can assist in detecting remnants of species in ballast water and quantifying the treatment capacity under full operational conditions. In addition, we also offer comprehensive port surveys supporting exemption applications for ships operating in a Same Risk Area (SRA).

In the Publications section, you find an updated list of Reports as well as Academic publications showing applications of our services in ballast water assessments and port surveys.